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In June 2001 I joined a writing site and was reading some of the stories. One in particular caught my eye and I commented on it. The writer replied and a friendship began which has provided inspiration, encouragement and support that has been invaluable.
That very talented writer is Lewis Smith. He has a number of sites with his original stories and artwork - all well worth a visit.
The story that began our friendship is on his Happy Fun Bucket site and is called Ouroboros.


The Seven Spheres Legend - Lewis Smith's epic fantasy story.


Happy Fun Bucket - complete insanity from Lewis Smith.


Gunmetal Black - the adventures of space assassin Kienan Ademetria by Lewis Smith.


Osimiri - Lewis Smith's latest website.

I met Eileen on another writing site. Once again a friendship began when I commented on one of her poems. Eileen is a accomplished poet and a kind and encouraging lady and you can find examples of her work on her site.


Website of Eileen Carney Hulme

The last site is very much a work in progress and will focus on the coding skills I've been developing.


Incantations Web Design